Diane Sheya

Advisory Board Member

Diane’s 23-year culinary journey began with in-home culinary instruction then conducting cooking classes for numerous local kitchen and grocery stores. For eight years she prepared and presented recipes live on a local news show every week. In 2009 she was hired on as a chef instructor for the newly opened Viking Cooking School in Salt Lake City, then became the Culinary Director in 2011. In 2013, seizing a golden opportunity, Diane along with her husband Rich, acquired the cooking school, rebranding it as the Salt Lake Culinary Center. They made the decision to sell the school in 2022, embracing a more relaxed lifestyle.

Presently, Diane dedicates her passion for culinary education nurturing an online food blog community, offering time-saving meal strategies to empower individuals to savor healthy, delectable meals while minimizing kitchen waste. Her goal is to not only elevate cooking skills but also encourage and inspire culinary enthusiasts to become more conscious and efficient home cooks.