Jean Oh

Board Member

Jean is curious. She is interested in people, places and the endless possibilities for experiences and stories both provide. It’s the reason she went into education and facilitated curiosity in students from kindergarten to university. She began her teaching journey 30 years ago in CA and currently works at the University of Utah, directing students to practice their learned professions through internships around the world.

Jean is consistent. She identifies the priorities in her life and works steadily at giving of herself justly to those priorities. She orients herself based on experiences of faith, community and knowledge. Her current and most ongoing priorities include active expressions of love for people and active expressions of nurture for our planet. Her involvement with Waste Less Solutions is embodiment of both, as she seeks to help protect those two precious valuables.

Jean is competent. She is the youngest and only daughter of four children born to former North Korean war refugees who immigrated to Southern California in the 70s with a few suitcases and a pocketful of change. She became a teacher at UCLA with a bilingual certificate and taught in inner city schools to other bilingual children. She earned her Master in Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Utah where she was instrumental in helping to establish the U Asia Campus in Incheon, S. Korea.

Jean is compelled. She gravitates toward joy and seeks to facilitate joy in others. She shares her heart and home. She facilitates Grief Circles in support of people who have experienced the death of a loved one. She is slowly learning the practice of End-of Life Doulas, because as every good teacher knows, in order to execute an effective lesson, you have to start with the end in mind.

Jean is cool. She is the preferred sidekick to a beautiful 85lb. Dobie-dane. She loves to hike, paddle and camp and isenjoying learning to ski and climb in her newish life in Utah. She collects compost both at home and in her office totake to a farmer friend on weekends and eats by the rule, leave no meal behind.