Valeria Mykyta

Advisory Board Member

Valeria has over a decade of experience leading strategic marketing initiatives at Apple, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue magazine. Her work is human-centric, experiential, and focused on growing customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. As a strategic and imaginative thinker, Valeria has scaled Apple retail live experiences globally, cemented The Wall Street Journal as an industry leader in membership retention, and delivered innovative digital marketing ideas to Vogue advertisers. Her work has been awarded two Cannes Lions for Brand Experience and Activation (2018, Apple) and the International News Media Association award for Best Use of Consumer Research (2016, WSJ). Valeria graduated from the University of Richmond with a BSBA in Business and Marketing with a minor in Latin and Iberian studies. Born and raised in Ukraine, Valeria's reverence for food and the environment began on her grandparents' farm where she learned to plant, maintain, harvest, forage, and cook.